General (2)

Will I be sanctioned by Google if using this plugin?

Absolutely not, Wp Rank Tracker does not send any query towards Google at any given time. This plugin simply gathers the information from the user’s browser without impeding any of Google’s protocols. This plugin is 100% legal and can be used by anybody looking to acquire a better understanding of their website’s status, regardless of its size or how many visits they get through search engines on a daily basis.

Is this plugin compatible with all WordPress sites?

Yes, the WP Rank Tracker plugin works on virtually any version of WordPress.

Reports (10)

What is “PR”?

PR stands for “Page Rank” and WP Rank Tracker always displays the page rank of a certain link at any given time.

What is “Previous Position”?

Every time a certain keyword reaches a high number of searches thus increasing traffic on your website, WP Rank Tracker will check if your position on the Google page has changed and react if it did by displaying the previous position.

What is “Position”?

The “Position” field displays the current position of a certain link relative to its keyword.

What is “Visits”?

The “Visits” field displays the total number of visits for a specific url and keyword.

What is “Keyword”?

The “Keyword” field shows what keywords were used to visit the links from your page.

What kind of information does the “Backlinks” section display?

The plugin displays all backlinks that have been indexed by search engines through the link:domain method.

What does the “Email Reports” button do?

This button allows you to send an email report at any given time.

How does “Export Keywords to CSV” work?

By pressing this button, the WP Rank Tracker plugin will export all listed keywords in a .csv format.

What does the “Delete” button from the “Action” section do?

As the name implies, the delete button erases the field next to it.

What is “Last Checked”?

It is through this function that you can see the exact time when the last keyword & url update was made.

Settings (6)

What is “Include Bing”?

By selecting this option, the WP Rank Tracker plugin will record all visits coming from the Bing search engine.

What is “Include Yahoo”?

By selecting this option, the WP Rank Tracker plugin will record all visits coming from the Yahoo search engine.

How to select “Google Country”?

If you wish to record incoming traffic from a regional search engine such as for example, select ‘‘ from the dropdown menu. If, however, you wish to view all visits regardless of origin, select “All‘ from the same menu.

What is Email Frequency?

This function allows you to choose how often the WP Rank Tracker plugin will send you e-mail reports of all search engines queries. By selecting “Delete all keywords after sending email?“, all registered keywords will be deleted from the “Reports” section.

What does “Minimum Keyword Frequency” do?

Through this feature, the WP Rank Tracker plugin will generate and display all search engines visits over a selected period of time. For instance, when selecting “24 hours“, the reports page will only display visits from the last 24 hours while removing older visits reports automatically.

What is “Destination Email Address”?

This is the email address where all WP Rank Tracker reports regarding search engine positions will be sent.