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Know your website better with WP Rank Tracker

  •     Even to this day, some people have yet to realize exactly how important the right keywords are for their website. So what if you could find out exactly what keywords are people actually using to get to the information they require instead of just hoping they will stumble onto your website through generic searches.
  •     When using WP Rank Tracker, you get to discover the most common keywords that brought visitors to your website and exploit this information to your benefit.
  •     The WP Rank Tracker plugin features a wide array of functions designed to further your knowledge of every bit of traffic that search engines guide your way and expand your reach on the world wide web as a result.
  •     One of the main purposes of the WP Rank Tracker plugin is to help you monitor the right keywords while helping you understand the importance of long-tail keywords and what changes in strategy will ultimately improve your ability to choose the right keywords when optimizing your content.


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One of the most notable features of WP Rank Tracker is the fact that it runs smoothly on all websites even if they are not all hosted on the same server or if they share the same IP address.

Some similar products are rather expensive and they all require that the websites they are used on share the same server which can be quite stressful for developers looking to part their content on multiple servers for various reasons.

Email Reporting

The Email reporting feature is also quite interesting, as it keeps you well informed about the on goings of your website constantly. Choose to be emailed daily, weekly or monthly

This feature is designed to send you email reports of all search engines queries regarding your website throughout the day. This fully customizable function will also send email reports regarding the search engine position of a website, a much needed feature for most responsible webmaster nowadays.

Google, Yahoo, and Bing

WP Rank Tracker’s keyword related functions are truly a sight to behold. Designed to help users monitor and track their desired keywords, it will also help users understand the importance of long-tail keywords as well as the ones they should be focusing on when optimizing their website.

Through this feature, the plugin will display a list of all visits coming from search engines over a specific period of time while automatically deleting information regarding older visits.

It includes the Bing and Yahoo search engines. Although most traffic is handled by Google nowadays, you should never underestimate what other search engines can do for your traffic.

This plugin helps you get the most out of both Bing and Yahoo search engines by providing you reports containing vital information about the type of traffic coming from virtually anywhere in the world.

Rank Tracking & Page Rank

It monitors current and past positions for your homepage and / or inner pages. While also displaying the page rank of a certain link, this feature will also keep track of your website’s current and previous position and notify you through email reports whenever there is a change of position.

Whenever a certain keyword reaches a healthy number of searches and therefore increasing your website’s traffic, the WP Rank Tracker plugin will automatically check if your position on the Google page has changed and react accordingly.

CSV Export

Yet another much needed feature, the “Export Keywords to CSV” function is designed to export all listed keywords to a destination of your choosing in a .csv format.

These keywords are closely monitored by the plugin around the clock in order to provide accurate reports while allowing you to manually update keywords as you see fit.


For whatever reason you consider the plugin to be inefficient, or if you are disappointed in any way, we are prepared to give you a full refund, no questions asked. Seeing how this plugin does not advertise itself as doing anything other than what it was designed to do in the first place, it is highly unlikely that you will feel unsatisfied at any given time. This plugin is designed to further your knowledge regarding your website(s) and nothing more.

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